Tell American Crystal Sugar: We’re Not Buying It

Tell American Crystal Sugar: We’re Not Buying It

 Join the Boycott of American Crystal Sugar Products

American Crystal Sugar has locked out 1,300 workers for over a year in an attempt to break the employees’ union and sweeten its corporate profits.

Brave employees have been sacrificing their livelihoods while waiting for over 14 months to get back at the negotiating table and back on the job. The company has taken extreme measures to maximize profits – no matter the cost to their workers – and we’ve had enough.

So we’re making sure American Crystal Sugar gets the message that we aren’t buying their excuses, and we’re not buying their products until the lockout ends.

Stand with us against corporate greed. Sign the pledge below and join the boycott until American Crystal Sugar ends the lockout and negotiates a fair contract.

“I pledge to boycott American Crystal Sugar products until CEO David Berg and the company’s board members end the lockout and come back to the table with workers to negotiate a fair contract.”

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