John XXIII – ‘Mater et Magistra’ to ‘Pacem in Terris’

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John XXIII – ‘Mater et Magistra’ to ‘Pacem in Terris’




(Vatican Radio) Thursday 11th of April 2013 marked half a century since Blessed John XXIII published his encyclical ‘Pacem in Terris’.

This encyclical, which as the Latin title indicates focuses on peace on earth, called for social and international peace. With this document which can be perceived as John XXIII’s last testament, published as it was only a couple of months before his death, he broke new ground. Continue reading “John XXIII – ‘Mater et Magistra’ to ‘Pacem in Terris’”


Fifty Years Ago in ‘America’: The Impact of ‘Pacem in Terris’

Fifty Years Ago in ‘America’: The Impact of ‘Pacem in Terris’

Tim Reidy | May 6 2013 – 12:45pm | 0 comments

In the May 4, 1963 issue of America the editors surveyed the impact of John XXIII’s encyclical on war and peace:

Initial reactions to Pope John’s encyclical Pacem in Terris quickly revealed areas in which its practical impact can be expected to make itself felt.

When the London Sunday Times hailed the document as “an act of leadership for which the world was longing,” it explained in part the torrent of editorial comment flooding the world press. A Rome daily, II Tempo, might speak peevishly of an “encyclical of enthusiasms, conceived under the sign of optimism and irenicism.” But the internationally respected Le Monde of Paris termed it rather “realistic, serene and confident of the future.” These qualities it saw as “reflecting the character of its author.” Continue reading “Fifty Years Ago in ‘America’: The Impact of ‘Pacem in Terris’”